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TETRA Note Ultra Rugged EX 15 Military Notebook 112

Ultra Rugged Military computer 15” (IP55)

Multiples Adaptations and specific Customisations

The TETRANote-EX 15” meets the challenges of a notebook under extreme conditions.
Designed as a rugged Military computer with MIL STD 461E and MIL STD 810F military standards compliant(waterproof, temperature, vibrations, shock, humidity...) this rugged Military computer will be the main tool of your most difficult missions.

Multiples Configurations and Customisations:

· NVIDIA GeForce 7600Go Graphics Processor Unit, 256MB
· Version with military round connectors
· Up to 4 RS232 serial ports
· Internal vehicle adapter (direct DC 12V-32V)or external
· Extended temperature range to - 30°C
· MIL-STD 461E Ground Navy / Ground Army (Zone 1 / SDIP 27 Class B)
· 2nd battery exchangeable against DVD drive or 2nd HDD exchangeable against DVD drive
· Removable Flash Disk SATA
· Touchscreen resistive, sunlight readable
· 2nd LAN card 10/100/1000 Mbit
· Fiberoptic LAN 100/1000 Mbit

Other available options:
· CD-RW /DVD-RW drive
· 56K fax/modem MDC
· WLAN card (Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG 802.11a/b/g)
· GPRS/GSM card (Siemens MC75)
· GPS module (UBlox-5H)
· Bluetooth v2.0 module class 1/2
· Internal CAN BUS card
· Integrated chip card reader
· Backlight keyboard

Cập nhật: 12/05/2012
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